Sylk is NHS approved

Trusted by nurses and doctors

Sylk is NHS approved
Sylk is the only natural lubricant
available on NHS prescription.

Free patient samples

Sylk supports Health Professionals

Free patient samples
Sylk supports health professionals looking after women’s health.

How to prescribe

Categorised as a Class 1 medical device

How to prescribe
Recommended by Health Professionals.

Hormone and paraben free

Female friendly natural ingredients

Hormone and paraben free
Sylk’s natural formulation means it is free from hormones, parabens and nasty chemicals making
it kind and gentle to sensitive tissues.

Health Professionals

Free samples and information leaflets to give to your patients

What the professionals say

“All the clients who try Sylk natural lubricant say how excellent it is.”
Charmain Beer
Psychosexual Threapist Relate


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