Sylk is NHS approved

Trusted by nurses and doctors

Sylk is a water based natural vaginal lubricant suitable for treatment of vaginal dryness, and is available on NHS prescription.

Many women will present with symptoms that they do not recognise as vaginal dryness, confusing the issue with thrush or cystitis. Sylk is widely prescribed for menopausal women but can also be used safely by all women suffering with dryness and discomfort.

Sylk natural lubricant is recommended by Health Professionals including The Royal College of Nursing, The UK Menopause Nurse Group, British Menopause Society, Relate & Macmillan.

“In our professional experience of using these products we have found that a 42g tube of KY lubricant lasts about 1 month, whereas a 40g bottle of Sylk natural lubricant lasts about 8 months. This makes Sylk more economical compared with other lubricants.”

“Each application of KY Jelly uses 5 grams compared with about 1/2 gram per application for Sylk.”

“In addition it is a better product in terms of ease of use, effectiveness to control symptoms and patient and partner comfort.”

Hilary Jefferies B.Sc (Hons) RGN, Macmillan CNS/Lead Cancer nurse Runs a nurse-led clinic for women receiving pelvic radiotherapy at the University Hospital NHS Trust Birmingham, approximately 20 women are seen each week and advised to use Sylk
“All the clients who try Sylk natural lubricant say how excellent it is - far superior to other forms of lubricant on the market - and a real aid to improved sexual functioning.”
Charmian Beer Psychosexual Therapist Relate