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Posted on May 13,2013 by Nicky

When life affects your natural lubrication

Glands in our cervix control natural lubrication and when this process
is upset, through hormonal changes or when you are experiencing
stress and anxiety, vaginal dryness can be an unwelcome side effect. The itchiness and irritation are often confused with things like cystitis
and thrush, but medications for these will not help dryness and can
make the situation worse.

Many women first notice vaginal dryness when making love.
Vaginal dryness can make penetration painful and uncomfortable
and if untreated can impact relationships and self-confidence.
Other common times when women suffer from vaginal dryness
are when starting hormone based contraception, when using
tampons, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding and when menopausal.
Some drugs for cancer treatment can also cause this unwanted
condition, so dryness can affect any woman at any life stage.

You don’t need to ‘just put up with it’ as vaginal dryness can be easily managed. Sylks unique female friendly
formula means it starts to hydrate and soothe from the first application.

Safe to use inside and out, Sylk quickly relieves symptoms so that you feel more comfortable straight away.

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