A Love Letter to Sylk

Posted on Mar.07, 2014 by Nicky

We recently received the following email testimonial.  I was really moved by the email and thought I would share it.   All the clever marketing in the world would never be able to match the simple truth of these words.

Happy New Year!

Posted on Jan.14, 2014 by Nicky

Happy New Year! I can’t believe I’m saying that and we’re nearly already half way through January. Gulp. How are the New Year resolutions going?   I decided this year not to make any.     Every year I vow to stop drinking in January, loose weight, join the gym and basically transform myself into a super model in a matter of weeks………and I invariably end up failing after a couple of days and feel even worse.   So, this year I just decided I would enjoy myself.   Hopefully by spending more time doing the things I enjoy doing,..

Vaginal dryness. Not something to be embarrassed about.

Posted on Jul.04, 2013 by Nicky

Welcome to the first ‘edition’ of my blog….not sure if that is the right terminology. I’m sitting here slightly ‘sun dazed’, feeling a bit nervous about how to start this and what to write about. So I thought I would start at the beginning. It was my Dad that started Sylk over 20 years ago and growing up it was always something I was a bit embarrassed about and didn’t really take that seriously. Hearing your Dad say the word ‘vagina’ and ‘dryness’ is just not nice. I was aware of the business ticking away in the background and knew..

Disco Diva to Menopause Conference Attendee  – Multi tasking extraordinaire!!  

Posted on Jul.04, 2013 by Nicky

My head hurts and I’m exhausted. Yes, I’m hungover in a big way. Last night saw me shaking my stuff at a ball at Pembroke Lodge organised by my kids’ school PFA. One of those! Hilarious to see all these quite serious people suddenly acting like teenagers (me included!) after a few drinks.   As I don’t often get dressed up ( bought in a ’15 minute’ free slot in between getting my hair done – had to have those grey bits dyed and frizz blow dried straight – and picking Tom up from preschool) I thought I would post..

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