Sylk Essentials Pack


Sylk Intimate 40g Bottle

Sylk Single Use Applicators



Everything you need to get started with Sylk Natural Lubricant & Moisturiser. Containing one Single Use Applicator pack and one 40g bottle.

Sylk Essentials Pack Key Features

  • 1 x 40g bottle & 1 x pack of 6 Single Use Applicators
  • NHS approved
  • Free from hormones and parabens
  • Safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Can be used alongside HRT
  • Safe for use with condoms

Sylk 40g bottle

Sylk is a water based lubricant which is free from hormones, parabens and harsh chemicals. Using natural ingredients unlikely to irritate the delicate vaginal area, you can trust Sylk to soothe the symptoms of vaginal dryness quickly and effectively. Simply apply a few drops with the fingertips around the entrance to the vagina for instant relief from vaginal dryness.

Sylk Single Use Applicators

Each applicator holds a generous 5ml application, for an instant boost of moisture and hydration. You don’t have to use it all, though we would recommend disposing of it after use. Read our Single Use Applicators page for how to use.

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Generous 3ml application
  • Perfect for travel and handbag
  • Good to reach high up areas if required

Additional information

Weight130 g


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