Our mission


Free women from vaginal dryness

At Sylk we want to demystify this common condition and make Sylk readily and easily available for everyone. Our research amongst women of all ages revealed how quickly attitudes can change.

Take periods. From once being taboo and never discussed, starting periods is now more of a ‘rite of passage’. So what about other embarrassing problems? Thrush, cystitis, constipation and even mild stress incontinence have now become “just another” everyday problem many women suffer from. Even men’s performance (or lack of it) in the bedroom is now discussed openly with Viagra in the mainstream.

A lack of understanding

However there is still one female complaint that is definitely still shrouded in mystery - vaginal dryness. This may be the Information Age but when it comes to vaginal dryness we are still in the dark. Many of us will suffer dryness at some stage in our lives, but most of us lack understanding of the causes, symptoms and how to manage it.

So here at Sylk we want to shed some light on the issue and introduce you to our gentle, natural solution that can be used as often as you need to, at every stage of your life. We think that vaginal dryness needs to be acknowledged. After all many women still suffer in silence and there really is no need to.

Share with Sylk

We know that ‘girl talk’ is often the way we discover a problem that we thought was ‘only us’ and is actually shared by lots of others too. Help us to spread the word, so that women know vaginal dryness is just an everyday part of being a woman, just like periods and pregnancy. Share your experiences by emailing us at info@sylk.co.uk