Sylk next to bathroom sink

What is Sylk

A uniquely natural and silky lubricant

Sylk’s plant-based female friendly formula works in harmony with your body.  Made in New Zealand with kiwi vine gum extract, Sylk gently soothes vaginal dryness and provides lubrication "just like your own".

Contains no nasties

Sylk is water-based, colourless, odourless, tasteless and and contains no nasties – that’s no harmful chemicals, hormones, or parabens. It matches your vagina’s natural pH, helping to keep bacteria at bay whilst gently and safely hydrating and moisturising your most intimate area.

Whether dryness is due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, a menopausal symptom, a side effect of cancer treatment or just because you need a little extra hydration to keep everything feeling sexy when making love, Sylk is the answer. And because it’s so natural, it can be used as often as you need. Sylk can be used with condoms, tampons, sex toys, pelvic toners and in conjunction with HRT.

Sylk next to bathroom sink

Your GP's Natural Solution

Sylk is available on prescription and is recommended by a wide range of health professionals, from GPs, oncologists and other NHS practitioners to Macmillan nurses, physios and women’s health specialists.

Sylk is available on NHS prescription
and on request at all chemists

Quite simply there’s nothing like Sylk for effective & naturally gentle lubrication

  • Sylk is a plant-based, natural lubricant that’s in tune with your body’s natural pH
  • Made from New Zealand kiwi vine extract for a uniquely silky feel
  • Ideal for love-making and dryness during pregnancy, cancer treatment, menopause & daily lubrication

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