Gentle plant-based, naturally silky lubricant

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Gentle plant-based, naturally silky lubricant

Sylk® Natural Intimate Lubricant works in harmony with your body to hydrate your intimate area.

Our water-based vaginal lubricant helps with vaginal dryness during menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding or cancer treatment.

grey quote“Fantastic product! Having gone through early menopause, being scared to have intercourse because of vaginal dryness and pain, you have saved my sex life! Brilliant for alone time too, guarantees an O ending:-)”

grey quote“I used Sylk Intimate and I had the first pain free intercourse in years. My partner has prostate cancer so he gets anxious and finds getting an erection difficult. But when he does it’s like old times, especially using Sylk products to help me.”


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grey quote“A game changing product, what a relief to find something that makes such a difference.”

grey quote“This product was a lifesaver for me & my husband. I was devastated when the product was no longer available because there is no other alternative that comes anywhere near as good as this to use. Sylk feels so natural and knowing it is now going to be available again has just made my husband a very excited man. I normally get this on prescription but I am happy to pay for it to help get our romantic nights back. Thank you”

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Sylk® is loved by both the women who use it, and the health professionals who recommend it. We’re proud to work with a range of health organisations that care for women’s health.