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Pregnancy and post-natal vaginal dryness

During pregnancy

As anyone who’s been pregnant will tell you, carrying a child can bring with it many side effects, the most common of which are pregnancy sickness and stretch marks, but a less well known one is vaginal dryness.

With hormones raging and your body undergoing so many changes, you may well find that your vagina becomes itchy or sore at times. This is commonly confused with thrush or cystitis but the treatments for these will not help vaginal dryness and can make symptoms worse.  A few drops of plant -based Sylk lubricant will quickly relieve dryness and make you feel more comfortable.

After birth

Understandably many women get anxious about resuming sexual intimacy after giving birth. Whether you have delivered your baby vaginally or by C-section, your body may feel quite alien to you and many women experience low confidence physically. This anxiety – combined with all the rigours of new motherhood – can disrupt your body’s natural lubrication process, leaving you feeling dry and concerned about the ‘ouch-factor’ when you do finally feel ready to make love again.

Low sex drive

Your hormones during the post-natal weeks will be changing a great deal as your body heals.  This may cause your sex drive to be quite low, at least in the early days and weeks after delivery. Vaginal dryness is common at the time, and if you are breastfeeding this may continue for longer.

Gentle hydration & lubrication

Sylk’s plant-based formula contains no nasties such as hormones, harmful chemicals or parabens so you can use it safely and with confidence throughout your pregnancy. A couple of drops in and around your vagina will provide effective and gentle daily hydration or a little extra lubrication when you need it.Sylk’s natural ingredients mean it’s safe to use after giving birth and if you are breastfeeding.

Use a couple of drops of Sylk in and around your vagina for a naturally silky feel or on your partner’s penis for total lubrication.

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Gentle, safe relief from pre- and post-natal dryness

  • Vaginal dryness is a common symptom, sometimes during pregnancy and often after birth
  • Sylk is safe to use during pregnancy and post-natally, even if you’re still breastfeeding
  • Trust Sylk for effective and safe relief as often as you need

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Are you trying to get pregnant?

  • You must only use a sperm-friendly lubricant when trying to get pregnant as many lubricants, including Sylk, can affect the mobility of sperm.
  • Don't worry though, Sylk is fine to use if you are already pregnant. It won't have any negative effect on you or the fetus.
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