Sylk next to bathroom sink

What is Sylk?

What is Sylk A uniquely natural and silky lubricant Sylk’s plant-based female friendly formula works in harmony with your body.  Made in New Zealand with […]

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Sylk box and 40g bottle on bathroom window shelf

Why is Sylk best?

Why is Sylk best? Effective and safe Sylk has been established in the UK for over 20 years and is loved by the thousands of […]

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Sylk natural lubricant product selection

What is in Sylk?

What is in Sylk? Female Friendly Formula Sylk uses plant based ingredients that are kind and gentle to sensitive tissues. Sylk is a water based […]

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Sylk Natural Intimate Moisturiser box

How to use Sylk

How to use Sylk End the dry spell Sylk provides immediate relief from vaginal dryness. Its gentle, effective formula means it is the perfect solution […]

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hands holding digital tablet pc and touching with finger in sunlight

Research & PR

Research and Press Could this be why there’s a decline in the number of women getting cervical screenings? The Eve Appeal and Sylk Intimate are […]

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Sylk boxes on bathroom shelf with plant

Where can I find Sylk?

In the Chemist Sylk natural lubricant 40ml bottle is available on request over the counter from all chemists in the UK. Just ask at the […]

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