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Confidence regained

"Just felt compelled to say a huge thank you for helping me regain my confidence....and I've only been using Sylk for two days!"

Saved my marriage

“It's so brilliant...it has saved our marriage, I think!”

Lynn, by email

It feels very natural

“Having gone through cancer treatment I was feeling absolutely dreadful. My doctor suggested Sylk. I just wanted to thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to the market. It feels very natural and the packaging is attractive, discrete and modern. You have no idea how good it is compared to others on the market. I don’t feel like an old lady when I use it.”

Kate, by email

Sylk is an amazing product

“Having recently purchased [Sylk], I would like to let you know that after trying various other products for the ‘menopausal miseries’ all to no avail, Sylk is an amazing product. All day comfort, no mess, no irritation, a truly lovely product. Well done! 10/10”

‘Very Comfy’, by letter

No irritation

“I’ve struggled with vaginal soreness for over 20 years using various lubricants which haven’t helped and many of which have irritated my skin. Sylk lubricant makes me feel more comfortable with no irritation.”

Jo, 56

Not an itch or soreness since

“I’ve not had penetrative sex for 20 years. I’ve also suffered a terrible vaginal irritation. I used Sylk two nights ago and not had an itch or soreness since. If only I’d known about Sylk lubricant earlier.”


So natural, unlike other gels

“We were ready to give up and then we tried Sylk lubricant. It feels just so natural, unlike other gels.”

Nicola, 52

Got it on repeat prescription

“Thank you for the free sample of Sylk I got. I’m so impressed I’ve been to the doctor's and got it on repeat prescription. Can’t believe how impressed I am with this lubricant. It’s made my life a whole lot easier. Thanks.”


I couldn't believe the difference

"I'm 35 and have had hormone problems since I was a teenager. I had to have a reversible medically induced menopause last year which resulted in me being incredibly dry and sore, even six months after the treatment ended I was having problems with intercourse. For 18 months I have been unable to enjoy sex with my partner and he, in turn, hasn't wanted to be intimate with me knowing he is hurting me.

My doctor recommended Sylk to me and I used it for the first time on Tuesday evening - I couldn't believe the difference in only two drops! This lasted into the next day as well. I hadn't realised how much the dryness had been irritating me generally day-to-day either. I've finally been able to be intimate with my partner without the pain and actually enjoyed it as I used to.

Highly recommend your product!"

Nelie, 35, by email

Post hysterectomy

“I cannot tell you how good this product is since having my hysterectomy.”

Satisfied customer, 53, by email

Saved my love life

“Sylk is a great product, it saved my love life!”

R, London by email

Sylk is truly wonderful

“A couple of years ago my wife had to have a full hysterectomy, which led to the physical side of our life being extremely difficult to say the least. We had tried the ‘usual’ gels and creams, but to no avail. Then I found out about Sylk on the internet and thought we would give it a go. I purchased this from Jane’s health shop in Ashby de la Zouch and we haven’t looked back since. I couldn’t believe the difference it made, it is truly wonderful stuff. We would both like to thank you very much for giving us back what we had lost.”

“Sylk natural lubricant has enabled me to continue to enjoy lovemaking and to embrace this stage of my life rather than fear it.”

Tim & Mary

The best lubricant ever

“My partner said Sylk was the best lubricant ever, much more natural than any we’ve had before. None of the sensitivity was lost during lovemaking.”

Beth, 67

Only need a little

“I was amazed at how little of Sylk lubricant you needed to use.”


Increased sensitivity compared to gels

“Hard to describe how natural Sylk lubricant feels compared to the jelly which we now realised created a barrier between us instead of being sensitive.”

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