Sylk Natural Intimate Moisturiser box

How to use Sylk

End the dry spell

Sylk soothes and hydrates intimate skin. Its gentle, effective formula means it is the perfect solution for dryness whenever it hits. You can be confident Sylk will nourish your intimate parts. Sylk is latex friendly. You can use Sylk when pregnant and breast-feeding.

Using Sylk 40g bottle

Everyone’s bodies and needs are different but generally one or two drops applied with your fingertips and massaged around your intimate area is sufficient. You can use as much and as often as you like.

Use with tampons

Many women also find that Sylk is beneficial during periods, and can help make tampon insertion easier. A couple of drops can be added to the tip of a tampon before insertion.

Sylk Natural Intimate Moisturiser box

Important Note

  • You must only use a baby friendly lubricant when trying to get pregnant as many lubricants including Sylk can affect the mobility of sperm.

Use Sylk whenever you need to

  • Sylk provides lubrication "just like your own"
  • A few drops go a long way
  • Sylk feels super silky and slippery and doesn't dry out
  • Use Sylk as often as you need

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