Who are we?

Who We Are

As natural as you

Sylk is a natural, intimate, plant based moisturiser designed
specifically with your vagina’s needs in mind. Its unique female friendly formula works in harmony with your body to hydrate
and soothe. Sylk contains no parabens or other nasty chemicals,
so it is safe to use as often as you need to.

Effective and safe to use

Vaginal dryness is one of those issues we don’t always understand
or are too embarrassed to talk about. The condition is neither rare
nor unusual, and will affect many of us at some time in our lives.

Sylk is effective and safe to use at every stage of life. Whether you
are pregnant or breastfeeding, using tampons or condoms, starting the menopause or would just like a little extra help when making love.

Sylk really is a girl’s best friend!