Sylk Vaginal Moisturiser & Lubricant 40ml Bottle

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Sylk Natural lubricant & Moisturiser Key Features

  • Sylk is NHS approved, natural lubricant & moisturiser.
  • Relieve feminine vaginal dryness of the skin while working with your body’s own natural lubricant.
  • Sylk’s intimate moisturiser and lubricant is special non-stain/non-grease formulated to stop vaginal dryness at any time.
  • Compatible with internal and external contraceptives such as condoms and combats causes of painful intercourse.
  • Works safely with hormone based contraceptives, when breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • Safe to use with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).
  • 100% Paraben FREE – Sylk vaginal lubricant & moisturiser uses natural, organic ingredients that reduce female dryness and irritation around the vaginal area

Natural Intimate Moisturiser

Sylk long lasting vaginal moisturizer uses natural, safe ingredients that are unlikely to irritate the delicate vaginal area and solve issues with dry vagina skin. Sylk is a water based lubricant which is free from nasty chemicals, hormones and parabens.

Especially formulated, Sylk has the same pH as your vagina, and is made with all natural ingredients so you can be confident it provides gentle and safe lubrication.

The Best Vaginal Lubricant

Sylk was the first water based vaginal lubricant that is available on NHS prescription making it one of the best natural lubricants on the market. Sylk is widely prescribed by doctors and the NHS as a formula for menopausal woman as well as a combatant for vaginal dryness. Our personal lubricant is designed to soothe and hydrate, working in harmony with your body.

How To Apply Vaginal Lubricant

Sylk paraben-free lubricant & moisturiser comes with full application instructions.

  • Generally, applying a few drops of the Sylk Vaginal moisturizer on the end of a tampon or in and around the vagina will help to relieve irritation and dryness making everything more comfortable.
  • If you’re using the lubricant for intercourse, simply apply one or two drops around the entrance to the vagina before, or apply a few drops to the end of your partner’s penis.

It’s worth noting that every woman’s needs can vary so adjusting the amounts of quantity is the best path to find your exact needs.

Sylk ingredients:

  • Purified water
  • Kiwifruit plant extract
  • Citrus seed extract (preservative)
  • Xanthan plant extract
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Sodium citrate

7 reviews for Sylk Vaginal Moisturiser & Lubricant 40ml Bottle

  1. Being a 30 something with dryness and soreness is something of an embarrassment, especially when getting intimate (or trying to!). In the past, I have tried various lubricants, moisturisers and exercises, all with very little effect. Lubricants are too slippery, uncomfortable and smell weird. Moisturisers help the dryness of the skin, but not the tightness. SYLK, however, is completely different. I only needed to use one drop and everything is easier. I use a small amount on tampons to help them in and out, and when intimate, again, a small amount is needed. There’s no slippery, sticky feeling, there’s no awful fake smell, and my skin feels moisturised and less tight. In fact, I am using it as a daily moisturiser, as well as a lubricant, and things are noticeably different! I would recommend SYLK to anyone who has dryness, tightness, or even just to use in place of their usual lubricant.

  2. I was a little worried about using the Sylk product as I am really quite sensitive in that area and have had real problems using products for this type of thing. I had settled on KY as it seemed to cause the least problems for me.

    But being at a certain time of life – menopausal then I decided to give Sylk a go – it is so much better than I had thought it would be. It is non smelly – a real bonus as some of these things have an awful smell.. non greasy – another huge bonus! and it didn’t cause any irritation at all which was my biggest fear. The biggest bonus of all was that it was all natural which pleased me as being bombarded as I have been through my life with all kinds of man made substances be it on your skin, hair or anywhere else it was a joy to find something that worked but was all natural. I have no problem at all in recommending this product to anyone reading this review.

  3. I have been using this product for approx two weeks now and i have found it has made things considerably better for me. I have used it on myself and my husband has used it once. Before i used it we quite often had to stop and use other form of cream as i got sore if i didn’t, but we have not had that problem since i started using just a tiny bit of the cream once, two or three times a week. This now seems to work for me and i am very pleased with the results.

    I will definitely carry on using and would give it a star rating of five.

  4. I am 59 years old,and although me and my husband only have sex about 2 or 3 times a month I still like to feel comfortable and sexy, this product certainly does both.

    I had been using another well known lubricant until i was sent Sylk to test, I really like this one as it is totally natural which I love, it is so easy to use. I first used it every other day now i only apply twice a week, it has no stickyness or odour to it and we both think it has improved our sex life (although i never told my husband before i started the product) he noticed straight away the difference. I will certainly recommend Sylk to all my friends. Thank you for giving me the chance to test this wonderful product!!

  5. I have always been slightly apprehensive about using a vaginal moisturiser as i have very sensitive skin. Sylk is a plant based moisturiser so there was no irritation at all, a very small amount is all that’s needed, the instructions say 1 or 2 drops and it really did make things much more comfortable, there was no slimy feel either and no odour so once it’s applied only you know it’s there. Sex now feels as it should do without the pain from dryness so will have no hesitation of giving Sylk 5 stars.

  6. Having been asked to review sylk intimate moisturiser after becoming more aware of my personal needs going through the menopause I was somewhat sceptical, but I was pleasantly surprised over how much this improved my day to day comfort. Applying a small drop each day has been of benefit, making me feel generally more comfortable, we use to use another product for intercourse but now there is no need this product does the trick, & the fact that it is available on prescription is an added bonus, I encourage your to try it, it’s worth it!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Once I turned 50 I started to experience vaginal dryness associated with peri-menopause; other lubricants irritated my very sensitive skin and sexual intercourse was becoming a bit of a pain (in more ways than one!). I tried Sylk, which appealed to me because of its water-base and plant ingredients, and have found immediate relief from the uncomfortable dryness, with no skin irritation; odourless and non-sticky, it’s a great product.

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