How to use

A little goes a long way and is safe to use every day

Sylk’s natural, non greasy and non staining formula means it is the perfect solution for dryness whenever it happens.

Everyone’s needs are different so trial will determine the exact quantity and best method of application to suit your needs. Generally a couple of drops used in and around your vagina, or put onto the end of a tampon will relieve soreness and irritation making everything more comfortable.

To use Sylk as a natural lubricant during lovemaking, apply one or two drops to your finger tip and use on the entrance to your vagina just before sex. For complete lubrication put a little Sylk inside your vagina and apply some to your partner’s penis.

Sylk will also be available in a single use applicator format from October. Please click here for more information

Sylk is a lubricant safe to use with condoms or sex toys.