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How Sylk is made

Discovering nature’s secret ingredient

New Zealand is home to the kiwifruit, well known for its health giving properties. The kiwifruit grow on vines that when cut secrete a smooth fluid – the vine gum.

A by-product of the fruit harvest, it was common practice to leave the vines to decompose on the ground. However being very environmentally aware, the New Zealand government commissioned a scientist to conduct a study into the properties and structure of vine gum.

Pukekohe BayPukekohe Bay, New Zealand, where kiwifruit vines are cultivated.

A pH balance in tune with the female body

As well as being odourless, greaseless, stainless and non-sticky, Sylk has a pH under 4.5 which matches the normal vaginal environment. Keeping the pH balance right is important because the slightly acidic environment of the vagina keeps it hostile to bacteria. If the pH balance is upset, infections can take hold.

Our wonder ingredient

The vine gum is unique – there is no other natural gum that matches it for viscosity (slipperiness) and shear (smoothness) factors. This unique ingredient makes Sylk as close to your natural lubrication as is possible, so the only person who will know you are using it is you, unless you choose to tell.

Your Doctor’s Natural Choice

Sylk was launched in New Zealand in the UK in the 1980’s and quickly established a reputation, not just among consumers but among health professionals too. Sylk was the first natural lubricant to be made available on NHS prescription in 1997 and continues to be the first choice for most health professionals dealing with women’s health issues.

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