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Superior to other forms of lubricant

“All the clients who try Sylk natural lubricant say how excellent it is - far superior to other forms of lubricant on the market - and a real aid to improved sexual functioning.”

Charmain Beer, Psychosexual Therapist, Relate

I've had many success stories

“I have been recommending Sylk in a gynaecology setting for nearly seven years and had many success stories from a wide age group of patients.

Patients love the idea they they are given a ‘free sample’ to try & more importantly that there is something out there that they can now purchase with confidence (ladies think there is nothing that can be done) and not be embarrassed about it.”

Martina, Gynae Specialist

Much more economical than other lubricants

“In our professional experience of using these products we have found that a 42g tube of KY lubricant lasts about 1 month, whereas a 40g bottle of Sylk natural lubricant lasts about 8 months. This makes Sylk more economical compared with other lubricants.”

“Each application of KY Jelly uses 5 grams compared with about 1/2 gram per application for Sylk.”

“In addition it is a better product in terms of ease of use, effectiveness to control symptoms and patient and partner comfort.”

Hilary Jefferies B.Sc (Hons) RGN, Macmillan CNS/Lead Cancer nurse
Hilary runs a nurse-led clinic for women receiving pelvic radiotherapy at the University Hospital NHS Trust Birmingham, approximately 20 women are seen each week and advised to use Sylk

A great aid for vaginismus sufferers

“I am a psychosexual therapist, working in a GP practice and privately. You sent me some samples of Sylk and I give them to my women who I work with to overcome both primary and secondary vaginismus.

“Good lubrication in conjunction with a graduated dilator/vaginal trainers use is vital and I have found Sylk to very good and a great aid for vaginismus sufferers. I have had a good success with these ladies most overcoming this miserable condition and enjoying a fulfilling and satisfying sexual intimacy. A few going on to enjoy pregnancy and having their long-awaited child.

Well done Sylk."

Carole Clifford – Southampton. Accred COSRT.
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