About Us

Our values

Sylk is a feminine care brand developed for,
and run by, women. We have a reputation built
on product effectiveness. It works.

Our mission

At Sylk we want to demystify this common condition and make Sylk readily and easily available for everyone. Our research amongst women of all
ages revealed how quickly attitudes can change.

Our story

New Zealand is home to the kiwifruit, well known for its health giving properties. The kiwifruit grow on vines that when cut secrete a smooth fluid – the vine gum.

Who are we?

Sylk is a natural, intimate, plant based moisturiser designed specifically with your vagina’s needs in mind. Its unique female friendly formula works in harmony with your body to hydrate and soothe.

Sylk News

Women told us that they wanted a feminine,
modern approach to packaging, formats
and leaflets.