Female friendly natural ingredients

Sylk uses natural, safe ingredients that are unlikely to irritate the delicate vaginal area. Sylk is a water based lubricant which is free from nasty chemicals, hormones and parabens.

Especially formulated, Sylk has the same pH as your vagina, and is made with all natural ingredients so you can be confident it provides gentle and safe lubrication.

Sylk ingredients:

  • Purified water
  • Kiwifruit plant extract
  • Citrus seed extract (preservative)
  • Xanthan plant extract
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Sodium citrate

Kiwifruit – full of good things

Kiwifruit originated in China where they are known as ‘Chinese Gooseberries’. After being imported into New Zealand, now the world’s largest producer, they were renamed after the country's unique bird. Kiwifruit are high in many vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C & E, folic acid and antioxidants which help minimise the effects of free radicals.

Kiwifruit grow on vines, which are cut to harvest the fruit and then left to naturally biodegrade on the ground. However research showed that every part of the plant is valuable, and here at Sylk we extract the vine gum and use it to produce our gentle intimate moisturiser that is as natural as you.

The vine gum - unique and special

There is no other natural gum like the kiwifruit gum when it comes to viscosity (slipperiness) and shear (smoothness). It is also clear, tasteless, scentless and non-staining. It is so similar to natural lubrication that nobody need know you are using it, so only you decide whether to share the secret.

As natural as you

The vine gum has a pH balance the same as the healthy vagina which is slightly acidic. If the delicate pH balance is disrupted then harmful bacteria that cause infections can take hold. Sylk makes sure that everything stays in balance, keeping you hydrated just the way nature intended.

Safe and gentle

Sylk has undergone all standard tests for safety and irritation. The vine gum does not come from the actual fruit so is unlikely to cause any reaction even if you are allergic to kiwifruit. However, if you want, you can test a little Sylk on your skin (we suggest the inside of the wrist) to make sure there is no adverse reaction. For extra reassurance check with your GP.

Sylk personal lubricant is recommended by doctors, specialist nurses, therapists and other health professionals.

If you are over 60 and living in the UK, the good news is that Sylk is available free on NHS prescription.

Sylk has been helping women with vaginal dryness for over twenty years. Giving relief from this common,
but often misunderstood condition. Sylk has been extensively tested and has passed all relevant product
stability and toxicological tests. Test results are available on request.

Use Sylk with confidence.