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Perimenopause can often hit at a time when women are at their busiest.  They have more responsibilities; juggling careers, family life & sometimes ageing parents, with less support than ever before.  Many women don’t even realise the symptoms of fatigue, brain fog and perhaps anxiety that they may be experiencing are actually down to fluctuating hormone levels.  They often assume they’re too young to be menopausal,  particularly if periods are still regular and they are not experiencing classic hot flushes & night sweats that we associate with this life stage.

This can be a really lonely and overwhelming time for many women who may not be sure what’s happening to them, don’t know where to turn but feel they just have to keep going. I often hear how women feel, “not like myself”, “there’s no joy in anything I do” “I’m easily irritated”.  Many women often experience sleep issues during this stage as well which can further exacerbate menopause symptoms.  

Kingston Menopause Cafe provides a place where those affected by perimenopause and menopause can come together, support each other & share advice.  It’s run by volunteers, is free of charge and open to everyone.  Whether you are wondering whether you are perimenopausal, concerned because symptoms have returned, want to learn how others are coping or simply want to share your own menopause experience then this group is for you.  To date we have run 3 Cafe Sessions and have been overwhelmed by the response and feedback.


Information online can be overwhelming & confusing

Despite the rise in awareness around menopause, driven by celebrity campaigners like Davina McCall, lots of women don’t always have an easy path getting a diagnosis and treatment path to manage symptoms.  Some women at our latest Cafe felt their GP wasn’t sympathetic and had ‘googled’ symptoms and treatments themselves but had ended up feeling overwhelmed & confused. Having a place where they could be open and honest and share advice & information was really important to them.   Discussions to date at our cafes have ranged from managing anxiety, coping with feeling dizzy, menopause rage, vaginal dryness and recurrent UTI’s, how to get the best out of GP appointments, supplements, exercises & how to manage menopause at work,  to name a few.  

Our next Cafe is on Saturday 11th May at All Saints Church, Marketplace, Kingston.  As requested at our last Cafe, there will be short talk at 10.30am on Managing Mood & Anxiety followed by our usual cafe discussion from 11am – 12pm.  Spaces are limited so please do reserve a spot

If you would like further info on how we can support you and help you thrive as you navigate this life stage, please visit  

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