Menopause Cafe

Kingston Menopause Cafe

  Perimenopause can often hit at a time when women are at their busiest.  They have more responsibilities; juggling careers, family life & sometimes ageing […]

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Transform your menopause with yoga

So why should menopausal women practice yoga? Georgina Gardner, founder of (based in Kingston Upon Thames) tells us why yoga is so beneficial for […]

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Fishcake Recipe

Menopause-Friendly Family Recipe Tips Fishcakes I’m a big fan of fishcakes because they’re such a quick and easy family dish and there’s somethingvery comforting about […]

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vaginal atrophy and sex

Vaginal Dryness and Sex

Let’s get intimate – discussing vaginal dryness with Dr Nighat Arif & The Latte Lounge During the perimenopause and menopause years, womens’ hormone levels (in […]

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