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Posted on May 13,2013 by Nicky

Between the ages of 18 and 30 we discover all it means to be a woman. Whether we leave home for university,
start a job straight away or set off around the world for a gap year, this is the time when we find our independence,
start our first relationships, establish our careers and think about owning our first home. The one thing that remains
constant in all this excitement is our hormones. Wherever we go they go with us!

Vaginal dryness can happen at any age and many younger women told us that it often occurs around period time.
The women we spoke to said that when using some types of hormone based contraception their periods became
much lighter (which is great) but some found they became dry when inserting and removing tampons which
caused soreness and discomfort. They also noticed less lubrication when making love.

Recognising dryness

Often vaginal dryness is confused with cystitis or thrush. After trying various medications and visiting the doctor,
a lot of women simply give up. If you have eliminated other conditions and the dryness and soreness persists
try Sylk. Get a free sample and if vaginal dryness is the problem you will quickly find it gently relieves and soothes
symptoms, letting you get on with your life.

Sylk and tampons

Modern tampons are very efficient with manufacturers investing in technologies to increase absorbency.
However, as well as absorbing the menstrual flow, tampons also absorb some natural moisture that keeps
the vagina hydrated. Using Sylk at period time (just put a little on the tip of the tampon) will help replenish
any lost moisture, keeping you comfortable every day of the month.

Sylk is a specially formulated vaginal moisturiser to keep you comfortable every day. Its natural, plant based
ingredients mean you can use it as often as you need with no harmful side effects. Try it today with a free sample.

Sylk and lovemaking

Sylk is great to use when making love because it is so close to your own natural lubrication, that no one will know
the difference, unless you choose to tell them! Sylk is non greasy, non sticky, tasteless and has no smell. It will not
stain underwear or bed linen and can be used safely with condoms. Sylk is safe to use when having oral, vaginal
or anal sex. You can trust Sylk to give you that extra comfort and confidence so everything goes more smoothly.

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