Katie sits at a table with a latte and a book, wearing a Latte Lounge t-shirt and smiling at the camera

5 Minutes With… Katie Taylor

After her own harrowing experience with perimenopause, Katie Taylor started a Facebook Group, The Latte Lounge, to support women struggling with their menopause experience. 20,000 […]

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Pleasure in Menopause

Let’s Talk Pleasure: World Sexual Health Day 2022 We heard recently on the radio that many women in menopause report ‘Duty Sex’, a sort of […]

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Vaginal Atrophy with Christien Bird

Guest blogger Christien Bird is a women’s health physiotherapist and co-founder of the health and fitness professional training platform Menopause Movement. She recently talked solutions […]

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Menopause after Cancer

“Menopause is not a one size fits all approach. We need to look at evidence based facts, make this available to all women and then take into account that each woman is different, needing a bespoke action plan”.

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take control of your sex life in midlife, menopause and beyond

Take Control Of Your Sex Life

Fluctuating hormones in the perimenopause and menopause years can have a big impact on your sex life in midlife. There can often be uncomfortable (and perhaps […]

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