Peri menopause

Posted on May 13,2013 by Nicky

Nothing is as misunderstood as the menopause. Often referred to as ‘The Change’, Menopause literally
means the last period. It’s not one moment in time but a gradual process that can take twenty years
to complete. The menopause is part of our natural reproductive cycle as we are only born with a certain
number of eggs. Once these are used up, we are no longer able to have babies. However these hormones
can play havoc with us while this process takes place. The peri-menopause is the time prior to the menopause
and while everyone is different, many women become peri -menopausal in their early forties.

When we spoke to women about menopause reactions were mixed. Some saw it as the official beginning
of ‘getting old’ but others felt it was a time of new opportunities with more ‘me time’ and less work and family
responsibilities. To complicate things further some women we spoke to were still in the baby stage, having
had their second child in their forties and some were dating second time around after divorce.

What became clear is that things have certainly become more complicated. Many women are experiencing
pregnancy later in life (often made possible with fertility treatment like IVF) and traditional life stages are less
clearly defined. Between the ages of 30 and 45, women can experience pregnancy, bringing up pre-school
children and the first symptoms of menopause. No wonder our hormones can be in free fall during this time.

Signs of the peri-menopause

Changes in periods (often heavier and more frequent) are a common signal that the countdown to menopause
has begun. Any abnormal bleeding should be checked out by your GP but often this change is just part of the
natural cycle. Many women choose hormone based solutions like the Mirena coil to relieve this, but whenever
hormones fluctuate vaginal dryness can occur.

Vaginal dryness can affect anyone and everyone

Many told us they misunderstood vaginal dryness and thought it was something that ‘older women got’.
Others thought it was just something they had to put up with – all part of being a woman: but it’s not,
and you don’t have to put up with it.

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