woman suffering from vaginismus lying in her bed

Overcoming Vaginismus

A Love Letter To Sylk

We recently received the following email testimonial. I was really moved by the email and thought I would share it. All the clever marketing in the world would never be able to match the simple truth of these words.

woman suffering from vaginismus lying in her bedI realised that I had a problem the very first time I tried to have sex. Sure, I was inexperienced, and I knew that my first time wasn’t going to produce a romance rivalling the movies, but this was different. Pain shot through my body with every attempt, fear and nervous anticipation accompanied it, and I could feel that I was uncompromisingly tense. Half a year later I was diagnosed with Vaginismus. For the longest time my partner and I tried various methods of recovery to no avail. It wasn’t until my partner gifted me my first set of dilators that we started making progress. These dilators came with a bottle of Sylk.

Using the dilators produced slow progress, but every milestone mattered, and Sylk was a huge part of my success. Using Sylk allowed me to feel secure, capable and, yes, even comfortable with exploring my body, and made making progress a more manageable and pleasing experience.

In conjunction with my dilators, I dared to experiment with various sex toys, and I also found these to be incredibly helpful. Now, eight years on, I’ve overcome my Vaginismus, and run my own sex toy review blog, Emmeline Peaches Reviews, with the help of my lovely partner. I can honestly say that none of this would have been possible without the help of Sylk.

If you have experience of overcoming vaginismus with the help of dilators and Sylk, we would love to hear from you so we can spread the word that there is help for this, particularly if you are a health professional using Sylk to help with vaginismus recovery.

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