Post menopause

Posted on May 13,2013 by Nicky

Most of us will have finished the menopause by the time we are 65 and virtually all the symptoms then disappear.
No more flushes or sleepless nights. But just when you thought it was all over one symptom stays around,
and that’s vaginal dryness. Once menopause is over lack of oestrogen means our vaginal walls become thinner
and the lubrication glands just don’t work as hard.

Enjoying life to the full

This phase of our lives is often when we take up new hobbies, enjoy more free time, and start new relationships.
Don’t let vaginal dryness get in the way of enjoying your hobbies and relationships to the full. Sylk helps you
to carry on enjoying an active sex life and to keep comfortable every day. Sylk is especially designed with your
vagina in mind.

Make dryness, like menopause a thing of the past

You would not use foot cream under your eyes so why use a general product for your vagina? Sylks female
friendly formula works by complementing your own body’s lubrication and mimics the natural pH of the vagina.
Sylk is tasteless, odourless and non-staining, so it enhances lovemaking without your partner ever needing
to know your secret unless you choose to share it. A little Sylk every day keeps everything hydrated
and comfortable. Try Sylk for yourself with a free sample.

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