#knowyourvulva: a guide to vulval health

Myra Robson is a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist and one of the co-founders of the collaborative campaign group, #pelvicroar. Together with Elaine Miller and Emma Brockwell, #pelvicroar brings together the enormous variety of pelvic health campaigns and awareness from around the world. 

What is #pelvicroar?

We established #pelvicroar as we saw a need for a “joining the dots” approach to pelvic health care. So often, we have different groups in different corners – health care professionals, campaigners, expert patients, people looking for answers and product companies, for example. Everyone has something to bring to the table but how do we combine our energies, skills and objectives to support everyone best?
We decided to try a new approach and use campaigns to link people together. As a result, #pelvicroar has become a trusted, curated resource for anyone looking for support for a pelvic health problem.

The #knowyourvulva campaign

The #knowyourvulva campaign is a fantastic example of collaboration and support. We had a smaller campaign with Sylk last year and we were absolutely delighted that Sylk were keen to support us and work with us again.
We are running our campaign at the same time as some expert patient groups, looking at conditions such as lichen sclerosus and vulval cancer. The focus of #pelvicroar and Sylk is to encourage all women to become proactive in performing monthly vulval checks.

Why is knowing your normal so important?

The ability to “know your normal” is crucial to the early management of skin conditions such as vaginal atrophy and lichen sclerosus. Detecting changes means women can get it checked sooner by their GP. Women can then manage the condition well, and have a lesser impact on quality of life.
It is absolutely vital in early detection and treatment of vulval cancer. 1000 women are diagnosed with vulval cancer every year. Catching it early can mean hugely improved outcomes for these women.
Our campaign includes a week of social media posts, and pelvic health physios will be handing out leaflets and Sylk-sponsored handheld mirrors to their patients. Sylk’s generosity means that 1200 women will receive a mirror, leaflet and the message that monthly vulval checks should be a normal part of their routine.

Find out more

Combining our mutual skills and knowledge makes a tangible difference to patients and clinicians. This campaign can really save lives, which is incredibly exciting! You can find out more about the campaign by visiting our website, where you can also download the leaflet.
Thank you Sylk. We hope to make this an annual campaign and help make a permanent change to the face of pelvic health.
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