Dr. Louise Newsome, Meg Matthews and the Scummy Mummies on the Talk Menopause panel

Sylk Talks Menopause with Meg Mathews

Meg explains,

"I just wanted to give information that wasn't there for me."

Sylk Talks Menopause on 23rd January 2018 saw our first Sylk Talks event in central London.

And what a night! Hosted by Red columnist and menopause entrepreneur Meg Mathews, we welcomed 60 women from all walks of life to the House of St Barnabus in the heart of Soho for an evening devoted to all things menopause.

Meg Mathews talks candidly about the Menopause

 Meg Matthews speaks at the Sylk Talks Menopause event  Meg Matthews attends Sylk Talks Menopause event held at House of Barnabus in London, UK

Vaginal dryness, loss of libido, anxiety and night sweats

Meg has been such a great advocate for menopause, and it was a privilege to hear her story first hand. Her story is sadly typical of lots of women in midlife. Suffering from 32 out of the 34 symptoms of the menopause including vaginal dryness, loss of libido, anxiety and night sweats, Meg was left feeling bewildered, isolated and alone. But on discovering that her symptoms were down to the menopause after taking matters into her own hands and doing her own research, she was able to get her life back on track again. Her new open-source website www.megsmenopause.com has been designed to help women who are going through something similar. It’s a great resource, and we strongly recommend you take a look.

The Scummy Mummies sang us into tears of laughter

Meg’s opener was followed by the incomparable Scummy Mummies. There were quite a few ‘Tena Moments’, not least for their hilarious new song ‘Dry Vagina’ to the tune of ‘Eye of the Tiger’! When later asked a question on how to talk to young women about what’s to come, their answer was quite simply to be funny. Their funny, extremely honest and hugely relatable approach to the menopause, from saggy boobs to vaginal dryness, night sweats to low libido had everyone in stitches, and we were reminded how important laughter is in dealing with this often trying time. What better way to feel a bit better than have a good laugh with a group of girls?

Sylk Talks Menopause with comedy duo the Scummy Mummies  The Scummy Mummies attend Sylk Talks Menopause event 23 Jan 2018  The Scummy Mummies attend Sylk Talks Menopause event held at House of Barnabus in London, UK

The Menopause Doctor answered questions

The evening concluded with a panel discussion led by GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson, who was joined by Meg and the Scummy Mummies in a brilliant, frank chat about treatment and coping options for menopausal symptoms. Ranging from HRT to lifestyle to natural approaches like Sylk to tackle vaginal dryness, it provided a wonderful opportunity to hear useful advice from both a top expert, and women going through it themselves.

  Dr Louise Newson speaking at Talk Menopause even hosted by Sylk with Meg Matthews in background Dr. Louise Newsome, Meg Matthews and the Scummy Mummies on the Talk Menopause panel

What really came out of this part of the evening was just how much women seem to suffer in silence.

We heard questions from so many of our guests who had been going through some really terrible experiences, and it really felt as though they desperately needed to be heard. Women are ready to tell their stories, and this Sylk Talks Menopause event offered a wonderful platform for women to tell them. Next week we will be releasing more footage from the night.

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Illustrator Emma Thistleton @emmathistletonart was so inspired by the night that she created this amazing illustration of Meg Mathews which we absolutely love.

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