Sylk Talks Menopause Video Highlights

Some of the best bits from our Sylk Talks Menopause event with Meg Mathews, Dr Louise Newson, and comedy duo The Scummy Mummies


The question of HRT

Here Dr Louise Newson, Menopause Specialist, breaks down some of the risks and benefits of using HRT, and gives practical advice for how to stop using it if/ when you’re ready. You can find out more by visiting her website.



All about the symptoms

There are 34 symptoms of the menopause, and they can change over time. Listen to Dr Newson’s explanation of menopausal symptoms, from peri through to post menopause.

What about socially?

One of the hot topics of the evening was about the taboo of menopause. Women are often scared to talk to their friends and family for fear they won’t be taken seriously, or are embarrassed. So ho w do we talk about it? Hear what Meg Mathews and The Scummy Mummies had to say on opening up the menopause conversation.



An Interview with Meg Mathews

Watch Meg’s candid interview with Sylk director Nicky in full. Find out more about Meg’s menopause experience by visiting her website.


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