Disco Diva to Menopause Conference Attendee  – Multi tasking extraordinaire!!  

Posted on Jul 04,2013 by Nicky

My head hurts and I’m exhausted. Yes, I’m hungover in a big way. Last night saw me shaking my stuff at a ball at Pembroke Lodge organised by my kids’ school PFA. One of those! Hilarious to see all these quite serious people suddenly acting like teenagers (me included!) after a few drinks.


As I don’t often get dressed up ( bought in a ’15 minute’ free slot in between getting my hair done – had to have those grey bits dyed and frizz blow dried straight – and picking Tom up from preschool) I thought I would post the photo! I saw 2 dresses, bought both and just prayed one fit. The red one did! Why I always leave everything to the last minute I have no idea. I have good intentions but things always get in the way. Next time I am definitely going to make the time to sort out my outfit as I felt amazing and I’m so glad I had the confidence to wear red instead of my usual black.


Getting to that ball was no easy task! I got up that morning at 5.45am to go to The British Menopause Society’s annual conference. I left John in charge of getting the kids to school though I’d left instructions for the pack lunch, ironed the uniforms, polished shoes and still managed to make 100 goody bags by 10pm the night before to give out at the conference.


It was a shame I couldn’t stay longer but I had to pick the kids up at 5.30pm. It’s so hard sorting out childcare… I thought it would get easier as they got older but its harder! Anyway, I spoke to lots of people….the lovely ladies from The UK Menopause Nurse Group…..Kathy Abernethy and Debbie Holloway were both there. Kathy has just started her own private menopause clinic at The Groves Medical Centre in New Malden which is very exciting! She’ll still continue to work in the menopause clinic at Northwick Park Hospital and will continue to run the Menopause Foundation courses. It was Kathy who helped me to set up The Sylk bursary and it was good to see one of the nurses who had been given funding from the bursary attending the conference. Norma Goldman was also there from The Menopause Exchange, as was Jane Woyka, Heather, Nick Panay and lots more.


The only downside to the event was not being able to take all our new collateral and packaging! The packs of Sylk with the new branding were waiting to clear customs at Tilbury having come from New Zealand! I did manage to show a picture of the new packs and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Though we are under no illusion that we have to get an applicator pack out there asap!


If you have any new product ideas for Sylk then please do email me at nicky@sylk.co.uk and you could win a years supply of Sylk Natural Lubricant.

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