Self care in Winter

Posted on Dec 06,2016 by Nicky

I read a wonderful article on The Pool recently about how to cope when you’re having a ‘life crisis’. Whether it’s trouble at work, in your relationships and home life, or a serious health issue, there were some excellent tips on keeping yourself going and practising self-care, even if it’s as simple as making sure you have a shower every day or whacking a bit of mascara on before you step out in the morning. Read the full article HERE


Practising self-care is something that I think we all need to focus on a bit more, and not just when we’re having a ‘life crisis’. I see so many of my friends battling to juggle work, young children, family commitments, social life, house work, and I’m amazed that they don’t completely burn out. So, with Christmas around the corner, we’re reminding everyone to take a step back and make sure they’re looking after themselves- yes, that means you!


Isn’t it so easy to become swept up in the sometimes-frantic mayhem of Christmas? I had a look at my calendar yesterday, and rather than feel excited about all the lovely things I had coming up- parties, meet ups with friends I haven’t seen for a while, family gatherings, Christmas concerts, carol singing, even a Christening! – I actually felt a little niggle of dread. There’s so much going on, and on top of that there’s the Christmas shopping, wrapping, cooking, writing Christmas cards, cleaning, decorating; oh and that little thing called my job! How on earth am I going to fit it all in?


It will inevitably mean one thing. I’ll get ill. And no wonder, really. It’s the dreaded cold season, and I think we’re all a bit prone to overdoing it, drinking a bit too much, a few too many late nights… bang, you’re hit with a nasty cold, or worse, the flu, and you’re in bed for three days dosed up on Beechams and surrounded by a pile of snotty tissues. Never mind the mental fatigue. Shorter days, less sunlight, and overdoing it mean a huge spike in low mood and depression at this time of year too. SAD affects a whopping 1 in 15 people in the UK every winter, and can mean a really awful daily struggle for sufferers. Have a look at the info HERE for help and resources if you’re struggling with SAD.


So I think self-care is really the way forward. Take some you time, keep to a simple routine, do everything in moderation, say no to a drink at one of the many Christmas parties, and decline an invitation or two- you really don’t have to do it all. Learn to say No. Put your health, both physical and mental, first. Eat well (check out our Facebook for some lovely warming winter veg ideas- tasty, wholesome, and nutritious too) and get plenty of rest. I promise, it will leave you fighting fit so you can have the best Christmas yet.

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