Do you love your Vagina? It’s easy when you know how.

Posted on Feb.03, 2017 by Nicky

So how often do you think about your vagina?  Are you cringing right now at the very mention of the word?  Do you have a preferred name for that area that you find more ‘palatable’?  A round robin in our office provided the following: Fanny, fou fou, front bottom, minge, fairy, wookie, lady garden, muff (when its hairy!)……….or do you just avoid saying anything and perhaps point ‘down there’ instead?     I’m as guilty as the next person at avoiding saying the word ‘vagina’.  Growing up our family ‘name’ for girls’ privates was ‘brinte’ (not a clue why, passed..

Merry Christmas from the Sylk Team!

Posted on Dec.23, 2016 by Nicky

“To all mothers and daughters everywhere, don’t give up this fight”   This was one of the messages written on a banner at St Botolph’s Church last week, which hosted the Eve Appeal’s annual Festival of Carols. It’s a carol service dedicated to those who have been affected by gynae cancers, and I was thrilled to be able to attend this year.   The church was lit beautifully by candlelight, and the resident choir were wonderful. It was lovely to sing along with some of my favourite carols too, despite the sore throat from a lingering cold. It all made..

Self care in Winter

Posted on Dec.06, 2016 by Nicky

I read a wonderful article on The Pool recently about how to cope when you’re having a ‘life crisis’. Whether it’s trouble at work, in your relationships and home life, or a serious health issue, there were some excellent tips on keeping yourself going and practising self-care, even if it’s as simple as making sure you have a shower every day or whacking a bit of mascara on before you step out in the morning. Read the full article HERE   Practising self-care is something that I think we all need to focus on a bit more, and not just..

Giving Gifts

Posted on Nov.29, 2016 by Nicky

  Every morning on my way into the office, I meet Alan in the park for a chat as we walk our dogs. I first met him a couple of years ago one morning, and we quickly became fast friends. At 82, he’s surprisingly sprightly, but I am starting to see a gradual slowing, as he relies more and more heavily on his cane for walking in damp weather. We joke that he is my ‘adopted Granddad’, and I’ve come to think of him as such, looking forward to our morning meetings, his stories about growing up in Bradford and..

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