Nicky’s Book Review: Menopausing, by Davina McCall and Dr Naomi Potter


Davina McCall with Dr Naomi Potter

Sylk Director Nicky reviews Menopausing, the best-seller by Davina McCall and Dr Naomi Potter.

Just finished reading this!!!  Really, really enjoyed it. So easy to read and so bright and interesting. A real A-Z of menopause covering everything from treatment options, menopause & other health conditions, menopause in the workplace, tips from experts on how to manage skin and hair during these years and there’s also a whole chapter devoted to vaginal dryness!! Whoop Whoop!

“I was sore when wiping myself after a wee”

I loved the fact it’s written from the perspective of a menopausal woman and you get an insight into Davina’s own menopause journey.  She is very open and honest and certainly doesn’t hold back; “I was sore when wiping myself after a wee”.  So many women will be able to relate to not only this, but also countless other examples of menopause related health challenges that she went through.  She talks through solutions which are backed up by the expertise of Dr Naomi Potter but again, the information is delivered in layman’s terms and is very easy to digest and understand. There are case studies dotted throughout the book that resonated with me and I’m sure with countless others.

Normalising Menopause

Hopefully this book will help normalise menopause and put an end to women suffering for years with debilitating symptoms.  Knowledge is power. This book will give women the tools they need to help them manage their symptoms and signpost them in the right direction for the help they need.


Well done Davina and Naomi!

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