pelvic floor no laughing matter

Don’t Leak When You Laugh

Elaine Miller Gusset Grippers The Latte Lounge

In the final of our #letsgetintimate series, Katie Taylor from The Latte Lounge was joined by Elaine Miller aka Gusset Grippers to help us learn how to laugh about our pelvic health and not leak!!!  Elaine is a physiotherapist and award-winning comedian and uses humour to bust the taboos that surround incontinence, prolapse and female sexual dysfunctions. @gusset_grippers

Pelvic Health is closely linked with our relationships, self-esteem and overall wellbeing.  If you’re scared of leaking when you cough, always looking out for the nearest toilet or feeling dry and sore in your vagina and vulva it’s going to impact how your feel, isn’t it?

During the conversation we learnt:

  • What is the pelvic floor?
  • Why is it important for our sex lives?
  • What do we know about female sexual dysfunction (spoiler – not a lot!)
  • How do you ACTUALLY do a pelvic floor exercise?
  • What is a prolapse and what treatment is available?
  • How can we get further help to strengthen our pelvic floors?

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