Put Your Brave Pants on with Vogue and The Viking

Suzie Cox and Anna Streule introduce their new podcast ‘Put Your Brave Pants On’, a great lunchtime listen we’ve been enjoying in Sylk HQ. Essential listening for all mid-lifers out there.


Have you ever said the words,”I couldn’t do that because…….?”

Well, we say you can!! We say Put your Brave Pants on and go and do it!

We are Suzie Cox, former LWT Gladiator Vogue, a mum of two, slightly crazy leopard print wearer Lycraholic, and Anna Streule, another mum of two, Swedish, former rower, slightly bonkers outspoken fashion loving Viking.


Moments just waiting to happen

We got together to create a podcast just for us women, (although men are allowed to listen in), who may be over a certain age that have, for whatever reason, stopped doing stuff they used to love. Have you ever wanted to dye your hair pink, learn to sing, bin your job, set up a new business, or just take half an hour every week just for you? These are all Brave Pants moments waiting to happen…

We chat to some amazing and inspiring women, some well known, some not so well known. They all have really interesting stories to tell, and give honest accounts of their lives and how they put their Brave Pants on and why. We also intersperse our guest chats with our own episodes of putting the world to rights in a show and tell style of our own Brave Pants moments so far, including the very high brow topic of packing for a holiday!


Who’s the first guest?

Our first guest show was with Baz Moffat, ex GB rower, current women’s health practitioner. She talked to us about her Brave Pants moments, how she manages to run a business whilst raising two young boys and maintaining a healthy relationship with her husband. She has a real passion for women’s health, particularly pelvic floors, so we think Sylk listeners will really enjoy hearing her talk.


How do I listen?

Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast at the links below!

Listen on Spotify

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