Hot Flush: Women’s Health Event

Menopause: Talking with the Experts

Hormonal havoc can take its toll on relationships across the board. At this week’s Hot Flush event sponsored by Sylk we are focusing on the psychological impact and strategies to manage menopause.

Join the experts for an afternoon delving into:

  • How best to manage your personal relationships with psychotherapist and relationship counsellor, Pam Custors
  • Low libido is common in menopause, director of Sylk Nicky Gaylor and founder of menopause app Clarity, Becks Armstrong, offers helpful solutions and latest research on low libido, to help get your groove back.
  • Improving your work experience, with Menopause in the Workplace coach, Julie Dennis
  • An espresso workshop working on mental resilience and mindfulness giving a shot of energy, ideas and motivation in perimenopause and beyond, with global corporate consultant, Jane Atherton, from Om Phoenix

Tickets available via Eventbrite

And if you missed our last ever here’s some feedback and helpful links.

“The most interesting and important event for women going through menopause,”Becks Armstrong, founder of the Clarity App.

Becks was a guest at a recent ‘Hot Flush Talking Menopause with the Experts’ event; the second in a series of three events sponsored by Sylk. This event was part of ‘Positive Pause’, a menopause awareness-raising campaign that we ran in the lead up to this year’s World Menopause Day.

“An engaging and informative event, led by professionals with the most up to date research, it removed both myths and stigma about the menopause.” Guest, Sarah T

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Dr Karen Morton, founder of ‘Doctor Morton’s – the Medical Helpline’, myth busted menopause, gave a candid assessment of the risks associated with HRT and talked about how women can manage their own menopause. Karen’s delivery was as always, friendly, warm and compelling, as she stripped back the mysteries of menopause! You can hear her advice in a series of vlogs she’s made with us

Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Christien Bird, talked all things pelvic health, paying particular attention to sexual health and the massive impact menopause symptoms can have on our intimate relationships as vaginal dryness, loss of libido and pelvic floor issues kick in. As a specialist in pelvic floors, Christien shared how strengthening pelvic floor muscles can improve orgasms, and how in turn, orgasms are a good way of exercising and strengthening pelvic floors, stopping any leaking when we laugh and preventing prolapse. She’d prescribe orgasms on prescription! Christien’s a big fan of topical oestrogen for vaginal dryness but she says that when sex becomes painful, women should seek specialist support from a women’s health physiotherapist. You can catch her advice here:

It was great to see how engaged the guests at South London’s beautiful Bell House were. There was a real feeling of ‘why didn’t we know this sooner?’, combined with a thirst for the knowledge that women could use to deal with menopause – don’t we all want straightforward solutions when we think things aren’t going well?

“A space for likeminded women to meet, where they can learn about their menopause!’’ Guest, Annabel O-W

Our next Sylk-sponsored event is happening on 26thJanuary.

Our experts are looking at the psychological impact of menopause, how it affects some women in their personal relationships and in the work environment.

There’ll be a ‘mindfulness & improving mindset’ workshop providing a shot of energy, ideas and motivation. Join us!

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